Buy Online Custom Lanyard Name Tags

NVR Branding is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and has been serving the commercial printing needs of companies in both Wisconsin and nationwide for over 15 years! We strive to combine our drive to offer your business only the best quality products with the unbeatable local Wisconsin customer service you expect.

We at NVR Branding have high expectations for ourselves and we pride ourselves in working closely with our clients in creating a powerful branding image for their future success.

Custom Printed Lanyards

Printed lanyards use opaque inks to print on top of polyester, nylon, cotton, bamboo, and even silicone. The custom printed lanyards is most economical and offers the quickest turnaround time. It is the most popular option of the lanyard choices offered. The opaque inks are made with spot colors that will allow the design elements in your print to pop and, if desired, can take on variety of special effects.

Custom printed lanyards inks can be metallic, UV activated (so they appear or change color in sunlight), or even take on the feel of faux suede, gel, puff, and other catching options. While the typical printed lanyard may be all you need, if you are looking for a catching effect to add texture or pizzazz to your design our Custom Lanyards can provide options that will allow you to stand out!

Custom Full Color Nametags

Full Color Name tag lanyards are a printed design on a white, brushed silver, or brushed gold card. Full Color Name Tags lanyards offer the color and splash that unique eye popping designs stand out on. They can be fun and colorful or sharp and distinctive. Because you essentially have a blank canvass with the graphic design of the artwork and the accompanying text, the full color name tags lanyards is often the most popular choice for a variety of industries.

The full color design is printed using CMYK color printer on a retransfer film. The film is then heat pressed onto the PVC card and the dye on the film permeates the plastic for a permanent print. The film adds a protective layer to help guard against scratching the image from the card. The background color of the metallic cards combines with the printed colors so the print looks as though the metallic background is “dyed” by the ink, rather than being completely blocked out.

With the right design this adds a modern attractive flare to the design that cannot be accomplished with other printed or engraved options. Let us work with you to find the best look and style to fit the branding concept of your company!

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